Our chasuble workshop create and make our owns models and answer at all special order.
Two ranges of materials: craft weaving -wool on cotton chain- industrial weaving -wool and polyester-, special shades for Chéret.
Damaltics are always delivered with a matching stole.

Dalmatique - CHS - vertClassic dalmatic existing in all liturgical colors

Dalmatics go with liturgical assemblies.
Always supplied with a matching stole.

Dalmatique - CSP - AGN - vert - diacreRef. CHS 85 Agen

Dalmatique - CSP - AGN - violet - diacreRef. Collection 81 “Psalms”

Dalmatique - CSP - BYX - blanc et orRef. CSP BYX

Dalmatique - CSP - AGN - blanc - diacreDalmatique - CSP - AGN - blanc - diacreRef. CSP BYX